HobbyCon 2007:Magic the Gathering Legacy Tourney

I could say that HobbyCon 2007: Magic the Gathering Legacy tournament by far one of the most memorable tournament I've participate in.For over 10 years I've battle it out in numerous tourneys in different state and even countries.Malaysian Regionals, Malaysian Nationals,Grand Prix KL,Grand Prix Thailand,Grand Prix Singapore just to name a few.But there's nothing compare to participate in your own home soil.What makes this Legacy tournament beautiful is that, it brings back memories by allowing all cards from over 10 years ago valid.

I was pretty excited about the format and keep wonderin what to play.We're going for war and bringin my long rested best buddies with me which are,

"It's Been a Long time,my friends"-CounterBurn

Legacy tourney takes 4 round-swiss and top 8 knockout stage.

First round is against Blue-white Scepter control,


what I remember most, he has the Orim's Chant on Scepter and attemp to cast Teferi,which only get countered by pyroblast.I won this round

Second round is against an all-artifact Ravager deck.

Ive done badly this round, as luck ain't on my side..mulligan to 5 and found only 2 land drop for the next 10 turn send me packin.

Third round is againts my buddy Dino who's playin The Rock.

with his Pernicious Deed in play makes my Mishra's Factory vulnerable, and the only way out is to burn with Lightning Bolt.

Fourth Round is against a heavy Black Discard Deck.

after series of Hymn to tourach, duress and toughtseize, I couldn't find any answers to his pumpable creatures in play.

Won 2 and Lost 2,after the Round Robin swiss I thought that's the end of Sir George, only to found out that I'm at the 8 position, which means I'm advanced to the top 8 Knockout stage.

Quarter Final is againts a White-green Kithkin Rebel Horde Deck, more like Weenie deck.


Pyroclasm clears the path for the Mishra's Factory to do his attacks.


Semi-Final is against Ben Cho with his Dredge Deck.

I could say that this deck is very devastating which able to end you in second turn.I remember after 1-0 down, and he dredged 80% of his library which I successfully Tormod's cryprted his graveyard and if only I have pyroclasm in hand, I might win this one.But It's 1 turn too late as pyroclasm only came after i've been defeated by his 8 tokens of 2/2 Zombies

And Ben win the final in the end.Congratulations Ben.

I remember when I was first introduce to this game, that was 1996 I would do anything to get some cards and I can't live without Magic not even one day.Me and my sparring buddy Shaz have alot stories on how we live with magic during the school days with little money to spare.we even make it legal in School at one point and wanted to make it Inter-school Championship.

Along the line Championship after championship comin to my life, which personally we wanna prove to the whole world that Magic Champs are from Sabah.In fact, one of my childhood dreams is to be Magic the Gathering World Champion.Well, 10 over years passed and we could say that those were the days.

Lookin at the Magic environment now in Sabah, I could say that I'm really proud of those new generations.Watchin them play remind me of my early days..My only wish and hope for all the new-gen players is that ,

Enjoy your Magic and Bring the Sabah flag with you when you reach the Worlds Championship.


Shaz said...

Hey nice report. Dredge is cheatinglah..haha.. and yeah more than 10 years we been playin this stupid game.. this sunday i'm goin for PTQ KL. Wish me luck.. but i'm pretty sure i'm gonna tapau..

Sir George said...

No way man. dont get tapau easily.. You're our only Sabahan hope abroad... Kick some @$$ dude!

MIK3 said...

I'm very fortunate to have George as my friend,My 'GURU' in magic. :) He's the one that thought me How to play magic at Wawasan Plaza and most of all 'HOW TO WIN!!!!' 'Still remember this words from my guru... Spiritmonger? Use Nightscape familiar lawanlah atau Goblin Trences.. LOLz!!!

Dreaming Artemis said...

hahahahahah God I also want it all back! the fun and joy of MTG!

Nicholas said...

I must say One MUST HAVE GOOD SIDEBOARD for Bridge Decks otherwise... DX

The good news here, Sir JoJ omitted out, is tat he still got 3rd Place in the Tournament XD

Congrats Sir JoJ n hope to se you again next year!!!

Sir George said...

mik3>Haha... I guess those were the days kan.. everything lintang pukang.. all weird deck comes into play.. but It was fun..haha

dreaming artemis>Dont ley anything stop you man.. when you feel like playin..just play.. that's what I did..

nicholas>Thanx nick.. really appreciate it.. you'll for sure see Sir George hangin around the MTG world again..Now I know how to defeat the dredge deck If only I research abit more -_-"

M12 Yun said...

Hi there,

get back to me ASAP ok

kind regards

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