Working with DJ Shaz from Traxx FM

I was a the RTM Angkasapuri with DJ Shaz, which Traxx FM Radio Station located.Previously it was known as Radio 4, Gary Ratnam and friends as we use to remember it before HITZ and friends were around.I use to make dedication and participate in a competition.

 Some years ago Sir George Participated in a contest for World Cup Golf which Tiger Woods were featured all you have to do is to give your best impersonation of a wrestler talking trash. After so many participants talking trash and it is finally my turn (I'm the last in the list by the way).. I give it a shot and it goes like this (I hope I remembered it correctly):

"First of all Gary Jabroni, Know your Role and Shut your Mouth!"
"Do you think all you phonys Participants Impress Sir George by sayin !#@$%^"
"It Doesn't matter what you think!"
"Sir George is the most Electryfyin man in Entertainment .....period"
"When Sir George Speaks, the million ....."
"And Million of Sir George Fans Chanting for Sir George's name"
"Sir George, Sir George, Sir George"
"Sir George gonna raise the people's eye brow!"
"and Layeth the Smacketh down with the People's Elbow"
"When all said and done, and when all the dust has settled"
"Sir George gonna walk out the People's Ring"
"and Still the people's Champion!"
"And that's the Bottom Line Cause Sir George said so!"

I was Screaming on the whole line and barely hear my voice, It is that good until I have to do it twice after they announce me as the winner.


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So tuned in to 90.7 in Kota Kinabalu


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