Another Life Audition

Just finish with our audition for the next project called "Another life"

Synopsis:"Haikal buys a black rock from a second hand shop and suddenly everything around starts to change at first it was his handphone, then it was his job then his friends even his hous, his car and even he changes into someone else. He is trying to figure out what is happening to him and learns that the rock he bought is part of a pair and the other rock is actually causing him and his surroundings to change, as it was placed on top of a computer which his friend uses to play a SIMs type video game."

As part of the production and judging team, I didn't manage to capture some photos but luckily others did..

Judge and Crew

Audition in progress
Photos courtesy of Chucky
Click Here for Chucky's Coverage

we actually had two days session for this audition, you can imagine how hyped up all the actors are.I'm very thankful for all the support and passion shown by all of them on that day.Well I cant wait for the shooting to take place..but do stay tuned for the update of this Movie.
Sir George Said:"Radzie,Can't wait for your coverage and Pictures"


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