"Another Life" Movie Project

Earlier this year We did some production for a Short Film called
"Where's my Water?"

Here's the recap link

With the Premier just around the corner we figure to show you the TMO (the making of)


* * *
Here's another Movie project,

Movie Title:Another Life
Synopsis -
Haikal buys a black rock from a second hand shop and suddenly everything around starts to change at first it was his handphone, then it was his job then his friends even his hous, his car and even he changes into someone else. He is trying to figure out what is happening to him and learns that the rock he bought is part of a pair and the other rock is actually causing him and his surroundings to change, as it was placed on top of a computer which his friend uses to play a SIMs type video game.

Haikal 3 versions = 3 actors
Jules (haikal's gf) 2 versions = 2 actresses
David ( Jules bro and the person playing the game) = 1 actor
James (Haikal's best friend) =2 versions = 2 actors
shop assistant = 1 actress
Ming (Haikal's collegue) = 1 actor
Mr Gary (Haikal's boss)= 1 actor
waiter= 1 actor/actress

Shooting Schedule:10th to 21st July
more info coming..

Interested Actor/Actress please gimme name and role(it could be more than one)by droppin me an email to george_yong@hotmail.com...


Rainer Yong said...

i want in!

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