Jofanna Bridal

Phew..So busy ...Well I'm actually working on a blog for my wife Jofanna the Professional Hair and Make-up Artist.

You can catch up the site here.

We Officially launch it today and from now on we're gonna work hand in hand for thistimeless site.Calling all bride-to-be feel free to drop us some burning questions.

Sir George also working on his photography project, Special thanks to Ke Wynn one of the finest photographer in Malaysia.We met up with Ke Wynn and Alishia yesterday, havin a taste of seafood and shares all type of work experience..which he stated here.Thank you for all those inspiring stories and words of encouragement.

Sir George Said:
"After Wrestlemania 24, Sir George personally says from the bottom of his heart THANK YOU RIC!!! for the 36 years"


impedius said...

WOW! Thats a big move from u! Wedding photography eh? Combo with nana again dat. Congratulations to both and best wishes on the road to success!

Dreaming Artemis said...

ohhhh a D60! Okay lah.

Ke Wynn said...

Hey! That's an excellent idea! A blog for hair and make up stylist! Go Sabah!

Anonymous said...

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Sir George said...

impedius>we've been wanted to do this for some time and finally pull the trigger after all the words of encouragement and support..thanx people

dreaming artemis>haha..ya a i'm into business I will get another body which the D60 will be the second body..I'm lookin at D300?

Ke Wynn>Haha..make up and hair plus photography..I hope this combo works

JACQ said...

Ohh I know this guy! I bought some stuff from him before! And oooh D60!

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