Ordinary to Extraordinary by Louis Pang Seminar

I've known Louis for almost 3 years now.. a photographer and now a good friend.Here's some flash back.

070707 Wedding by Louis Pang

After the Seminar I keep thinkin about photography..could it be a sign? Really admire all his work and honoured to be given an opportunity to attend a talk from one of the greatest photographer.

To be honest, Sir George sucks in takin pictures but now slowly blend-in into the Camera World Thanx to my master Louis.I currently holdin a Lumix FX-2 4.0MP Leica Lens..Havin a problem mastering it.After the seminar..DSLR?..Hmmmmm..tempting.

I was the first to enroll into the seminar, reason being..I don't know, I just love the pics that he took..So I came in to meet a friend,Lookin at cool pics,free food, hope to win the Lucky Draw and now Inspire to be a photographer!!Louis what have you done to me??!!

Learn a few tricks from louis about 7 keys and what to do post-production.Practical being played along the way too..

here's the video courtesy of DinZwhatever

Haha..the moment is here..Lucky Draw!..There's 3 Epson Printers to giveaway..Small,Medium and Large.I was eyeing the biggest printer..haha..but the medium printer given away as the third prize.Then surprisingly the largest prize given out as the second prize..I'm sad...the smallest prize is the grand prize?? what the ?? what is that.


The first Prize goes to George Yong!! you should see my reaction..it just unbelievable..I've never win any lucky draw prizes in my life..this is the first..Thanx Epson!!

photo Courtesy of Louis Pang

Photo courtesy of Caneeliea.com

What is it?what makes it so special? A-ha!..Its a portable no-computer plug-in Photo printer!wow just what I really wanted.


Guarding my toaster!

haha..Nice one Epson!

Here's for the full official event Coverage:
Louis Pang

And Bloggers Coverage:
Im Julian

courtesy of caneeliea.com

And now to crack up ma'head:



Jollence Lee said...


Dreaming Artemis said...

Take it from me, GO NIKON D300!!!!!!! leave those kiddies behind!!!

Also BE SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO. Once you have entered the DSLR game it can get REAL pricey!

Sir George said...

Jollence> OK!

DreamingArtemis>sob*sob* No money....

maslight said...

u've been cracking up ur head for months man XD

Sir George said...

I've enough crackin my head and decided to get not D40X and also not 400D...hehe...secret........

impedius said...

*sob* You getting a dslr?! What about the ps3 you promised me?! heh...

Anonymous said...

See here or here

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